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cam's d

I have such a huge girl crush on Jack it’s ridiculous

07-04 / 19:32

Liberty got a lot more independent after they started dating tho. Plus Jiberty for life tbh

What the fuck happened to Luke Baker like can we get a follow-up of his crime situation????? Did he get arrested?

05-02 / 12:04


People say Zig is going to be a rebound for Miles but I honestly thought Miles was a rebound for Cam. (Maya did get over Cam too quickly)

05-02 / 12:01 / 133 notes / degrassi

Cams storyline has been the only thing remotely similar to Degrassi tng in that it teaches a lesson while covering a very sensitive issue. I prefer that way more than this love triangle bullshit.

05-02 / 12:01


All he wanted to do was treat the ladies right

Frankie pisses me off she’s such a shitty character like????? Does she support Zoe?? Does she care more about her rep??????? Like we don’t even know who she is she’s just there?????

05-02 / 11:58